What Is Workforce Planning?

The best way to reach a goal is by having a plan. Businesses in particular require stronger and well prepared plans more than anyone else.

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3 Little-Known Reasons For Employee Absenteeism (and what you can do to prevent them)

Employee absenteeism is a serious issue for most companies, however it can be handled well by employers if they are given enough information to work with. There can be a number of reasons why absenteeism occurs; sickness, accidents, really anything that can impede an employee going to work.

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6 Benefits You Can Offer To Keep Your Employees Happy

In today’s competitive industry, claiming talent is half the battle. A large part of a company’s policy also revolves around keeping them in the company. A low turnover rate looks good on any business ROI, soothes any investor jitters you may have, and gives your company a good reputation among hiring circles.

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How To Use Performance Management To Consistently Hit Business Goals

The goal of performance management is simple: find a way to get your employees to perform at their maximum capacity, set standards that they should follow, and reward them based on their efforts. It’s a system that allows the best employees to thrive while simultaneously assisting those who have trouble keeping up. Read More

5 Tips For Picking The Right Employees

Staffing your company can be a grueling challenge. The people working for your business are the lifeblood, which means picking the right ones will be crucial to the future of your company.

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How Content Marketing Can Power A Brand

Your unique brand identity allows you to distance your product or service from your competitors’. Without it, your customers would have no need driven reason to pick you instead of any of the other dozen or so businesses offering the same services and commodities. Building your brand means giving them a unique reason to see your business as the better option - and an essential part of this is content advertising.

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Speak Your Mind: How Customer Feedback Helps Your Marketing Efforts

Why do we seek customer feedback? Often, it is simply because we want to gauge the success - or failure - of a particular endeavour. A “good job” or a “well done” is all well and good, but customer feedback can be much more.

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How To Properly Utilise Guerilla Marketing

Marketing departments often put a large percentage of their assigned budget into advertising. With good reason - advertising means more views, which translates to more leads, more possible customers, and better revenue. However, this equation is notoriously fickle, sometimes eating up an entire department budget with only diminished returns to show for it.

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What Can We Do For You? The Basics Of Services Marketing

Services are rapidly becoming the most common commodity sought after by both consumers and business around the world, making marketing for it quite a challenge. After all, the outcome itself has no tangible product - so how can you market a process?

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Using Influencer Marketing For Brand Growth

Influence grows rapidly. Carefully tended, an individual can reach and affect an entire audience - something that even marketing groups struggle to do.

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