Future Budgets: How To Plan For The Unexpected

We may like to think of business plans and budgets as pillars that can weather any storm, but it’s an undeniable fact that there are simply too many things that can’t be factored into a plan in order to predict the future market.

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Ace Budgeter: What You Can Learn From Arcade Games

It’s often said that extraordinary measures are behind the most ordinary of things - and that can certainly be said about business. Giants in the industry have managed to get to where they are by remaining consistent and upholding high standards throughout their years of operation.

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How To Prevent Yourself From Being Carried Away With Advertising Expenses

Visibility is a huge investment that is made by all businesses today, and for good reason: more visibility means a bigger audience, and a bigger audience means more prospective customers and profit. This is why a large part of a company’s marketing expense is spent on advertising.

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Appraising Your Business 101

In the business world, names and branding play a significant role in making businesses profitable and attractive to investors. It’s an asset: something of value to your company that can drastically change how high or low your overall position is in the market. Once you have valuable assets, you can start thinking about giving shares, selling stocks and forming partnerships; however, the main issue then becomes finding out how much you are worth.

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Why You Should Think About Your Successor

Having a successor is more than just ensuring you have someone to look after your business - it’s a worthy investment to make sure that everything you and your company have accomplished will endure. Succession planning relies on developing one of the core components of your business: people.

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Personal Finances Against Business Finances

During the early stages of a business, it is common for business owners to use their personal capital to jumpstart it. As the enterprise continues to grow, the line between personal and business finances becomes blurry.

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Budgeting Tips For Businesses

Money matters- the bane of every business. Just the mere existence of your business means expenses, and that’s before you factor in the costs associated with actually operating. It’s difficult to juggle expenses with the day to day management of your business’ operations.

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Maximise Your Tax Return in 5 Ways

For most us, just thinking about the time and effort it takes to file a tax return can be taxing in itself.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.  With a bit of organisation, the help of a virtual accountant and the following tips, tax time can be made much easier to cope with.

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Mastering the Art of Price Negotiations

Understanding negotiations and the logic, ethics and strategy behind them is crucial for any entrepreneur. Whether an entrepreneur is on the receiving or giving end, price negotiation is about finding the price point where parties concerned are comfortable and willing to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. Any financial consultant will agree that price negotiations could also be part of a greater strategy in establishing power relations in a client-vendor relationship.

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Reduce overhead costs in your SME

All businesses want to reduce overhead costs without incapacitating their operational performance. After all, more savings mean more profit, right? As any financial consultant will tell you, ‘Money is mobility’. These costs are natural part of your operations.

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