6 Benefits You Can Offer To Keep Your Employees Happy


In today’s competitive industry, claiming talent is half the battle. A large part of a company’s policy also revolves around keeping them in the company. A low turnover rate looks good on any business ROI, soothes any investor jitters you may have, and gives your company a good reputation among hiring circles.

Aside from offering a competitive salary, one of the ways to do this is to offer benefits that your employees can start enjoying from their immediate date of hire or once they become regular employees. The bottom line is, offering benefits to your employees is a sure fire way to keep them happy.

Happier employees will always mean a more successful operation as a whole. Here are six benefits you can offering to make your compensation package stand out.


Dental plans are an often overlooked benefit that most companies can easily offer their employees. Let’s face it: people don’t go to the dentist as often as they should. A dental plan can easily help them keep both  their confidence and their smiles in good condition.

Paid time off

Paid time off usually covers areas like sick leave, paid vacation leave, and holidays. Sometimes, there will be situations where your employee really can’t make it to the office - but they do so anyway, due to fears of losing part of their paycheck. Paid time off can help assuage those worries - and give your employees time to recover from otherwise debilitating conditions.

Pamper packages

Pamper packages are yet another often unexplored part of a benefit package, albeit one that can be surprisingly helpful. When you think about how often you need a haircut or just a massage from the exertions of the workplace, pamper packages suddenly seem very appealing to your employees. It helps them feel valued, and also asists with their sundry expenses.

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Government paperwork

Fresh graduates are among the best and most widely available pools of talent. However, one of the barriers that often slow down or outright stop the hiring process is the filing of government forms. For many of these fresh graduates, the entry into the workforce is hard enough without going through the myriad of red tape. Giving them assistance in getting their government ID’s and introducing them to basic taxation can smoothen over their transition, giving them more time to concentrate on the work you have for them.

Health insurance

Health insurance is not only a basic benefit that all employees should have, but also a very useful one that can be extended to their families/network. A good system to offer is the addition of dependents to the medical coverage that you can provide to employees, assuring them that the company has them - and their loved ones’ - best interests at heart. This benefit will make it more likely for them to stay with you, as well as recommend your compensation package in their own circles.

Working from home

While working from home may seem counterintuitive to making your employees more productive, studies suggest that telecommuting is on the rise. More and more professionals are demanding flexibility when it comes to their work hours - and allowances for telecommuting may just be the trick. Aside from allowing your employees more time to spend with their loved ones, it can also be beneficial for the company as a whole by giving leeway for more rest-work balance.

Those are some of the benefits you can offer your employees to keep them well-rested, satisfied, and dedicated to a company. When a company puts the well-being and comfort of their employees over the need to get work done, it will undoubtedly prosper and experience growth for the future. Above all else, what people need is care - and when properly cared for, they will be the best kind of people they can be.

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