Keeping An Eye On Your Neighbours: Competitive Marketing

Marketing is an ever changing and adaptive environment; therefore, it is extremely important for brands and businesses to keep up within their industries. One of the best ways to do this is to keep an eye on the competition and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. If you build on your competitors strategies and methods, you will be able to get a better idea of what you need to achieve in order to stay ahead. Read More

3 Tips On Creating Irresistible Offers

In business, things can often seem too good to be true - in a lot of instances, this can unfortunately be the case. It is also where most business and marketing offers fall short, which leads to the question; how exactly can you craft an offer that your consumers can’t refuse?

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Effective Starting Points for Digital Marketing

Any business coach or marketing expert will tell you that staying relevant in this infinitely connected world requires your business to get into digital marketing. Since over 14 million Australians have internet access, there’s no excuse for your business not to attempt tapping into this huge potential market.

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Why your brand shouldn’t hinge on price promotion

Price promotion is a common tactic in bumping up sales for short periods of time. As a crucial function of the market, pricing carries weight in attracting potential or previous customers. Given its relevance, pricing could also have a bearing in terms of your brand and its perception in the market.

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Reinvigorating your marketing strategy

As SMEs grow, it’s not uncommon for them to lose a bit of momentum on the marketing side of things. In between catering to a larger audience, focusing on other aspects of the business and other growing pains, it’s easy to forget that marketing needs constant attention in the face of pressure and other more prominent issues at hand.

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Should You Consider Growth Through Acquisition?


Given the challenges of the current economic cycle, the thought of acquiring another business is probably not on your radar right now. However, acquisitions can be excellent ways to quickly increase revenues

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4 Important Branding Assets in Marketing Your Business

Your company’s brand is the mental image that fills your audience’s heads when talking about your company and its product/service. In a way, it’s the personality that represents your visions, motivations and aspirations as a company, as well as your audience’s perception, attitude and knowledge regarding it.

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5 ways to improve how you crowdfund for your business

The digital age is slowly changing the way people do business. Aside from online shopping, digital marketing and other features, the internet and existing technologies have breathed life into different concepts that were previously impossible or impractical. One of the greatest concept to ever emerge along those lines? Crowdfunding.

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Why Is Branding Essential For SMEs?

Small and medium-sized enterprises can be apprehensive when it comes to funding marketing communications initiatives.

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The Essentials of Email-driven Marketing

Forget what other people may have told you about how email marketing doesn’t work anymore. Any business coach or marketing expert will tell you that, if done properly, it’s still one of the best ways to reach out to your audience.

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