Effective Starting Points for Digital Marketing

4_focal_points_of_effective_digital_marketing.jpgAny business coach or marketing expert will tell you that staying relevant in this infinitely connected world requires your business to get into digital marketing. Since over 14 million Australians have internet access, there’s no excuse for your business not to attempt tapping into this huge potential market.

While the audience for your message is massive, establishing your presence on the internet can be significantly more cost-effective than reaching out through traditional marketing and advertising platforms. Instead of spending financial resources on media coverage, TV and radio airtime, posters and other marketing collateral, your human resources, time, genuine creativity and authentic interest in your market become your main assets in building up your digital presence.

In order to build up your digital marketing presence, you’ll need to establish focal points for your efforts. We believe that truly engaging digital marketing strategies hinge on using the available tools online in order to reach out and stay grounded with their consumer base. To give you a perfect starting point, we identified four focal points for effective digital marketing efforts.

Social Media

69% of online Australians use social networking sites in order stay updated with the latest news and trends as well as interact and connect with other people. For your business, the social media is a platform where you can connect with your audience by:

  • Churning out relevant content in the form of photos, videos, infographics and links through social media posts;
  • Announcing updates and promos that are relevant to them and their interests/pain points;
  • Listening in on social media trends and conversations and finding out how your brand could fit into that equation in order to stay relevant;
  • Using effective social media advertising for more targeted messages that cut through your target markets; and more.

Email Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing isn’t dead. As a direct and private means of communication between you and your leads, email marketing deserves your attention. Read our blog post here about doing it properly. Keep in mind that email marketing should never be spam. Be beneficial and create emails that seek to help.

Search Engine Marketing

While search engine optimisation is still top priority in order for your audience to better find you and your business on the internet, search engine marketing is another way that increases the odds in your favor. By advertising in search engine results that are parallel or related to your industry/identified keywords, search engine marketing keeps you top of mind and increases click through rates for your website and pages. To be clear, search engine marketing isn’t free. However, done right, search engine marketing can increase foot traffic by targeting audiences based on cookies and search engine history. It’s an investment you should probably consider in order for your business to stay on top of search results.


A company blog helps your business demonstrate your industry knowledge and expertise. By talking about relevant topics that address your target market’s interests and pain points, you can help improve awareness and education about your business and the field it is in. This way, your company becomes the go-to subject expert and establish top-of-mind awareness that can potentially boost audience awareness, perception and preference.

When blogging for your business, remember to:

  • Write about topics that revolve around your market’s interests and challenges
  • Build up a massive archive that your audience might be interested to browse
  • Focus on educating your audience instead of promoting your brand
  • Write in a clear, conversational approach that seeks to be understood

Focus your digital marketing strategies by engaging your target markets in the right channels. Find out what works, where your audience is and what kind of content is effective in stimulating engagement. Like traditional marketing, digital marketing should be flexible and purposeful.Click to edit your new post...

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