3 Tips On Creating Irresistible Offers

3_Tips_On_Creating_Irresistible_Offers.jpgIn business, things can often seem too good to be true - in a lot of instances, this can unfortunately be the case. It is also where most business and marketing offers fall short, which leads to the question; how exactly can you craft an offer that your consumers can’t refuse?


Offers draw attention to your business and prompt your target audience to engage with your product. When communicating a particular message to your consumers, it is essential that you ensure what you are saying is worth listening to in order for your message to be received.

Below are 3 helpful tips to guide you through creating an offer your customers will want to engage with.

Craft separate offers for B2Bs and B2Cs

One aspect that is often overlooked when crafting a marketing offer is the importance of developing multiple strategies. This may happen due to a variety of factors, including: not understanding your target audience, not doing enough research on your product, or an internal failure in your marketing plan. However, for most marketing and business offers, it comes down to the differences in between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C).

B2B offers often center around services that are guaranteed to offer efficiency. Most of the time these will take the form of white papers, research studies, survey assessments and demonstrations to show the strength of their commitment to their brand and services.

On the other hand, B2C offers are mostly centered around products and customer service; essentially showing your customers what you have to offer and any other additional information. Most B2C offers are seasonal in nature, making them more flexible with their financing. This is because their aim is to capture the most amount of customers who all pay a fixed price rather that a couple with plenty of bargaining power like B2B businesses. Offers along this line include freebies, discounts, sales and customer appreciation deals.

Don’t stick to just email

Most marketing offers usually appear at the end of emails. This is a result of the direct marketing model that most business have adopted since the rise of the internet, however there is no reason to limit yourself to that approach. Most offers and CTAs can now be found in all sorts of places (e.g. blogs and events) as they are all potential avenues for leads or customers.

One avenue that is becoming quite common with businesses to promote offers is social media. With thousands of people using several different online platforms, social media has become one of the most visible places to market a highly effective offer. Aside from the increased visibility and boosted posting options, social media is also one of the best places to organically spread the word of your offer.

Keep it about the product or service

It is surprisingly easy to lose track of what you’re supposed to be promoting when trying to craft an irresistible offer. A proper marketing offer never loses sight of the product it is promoting, therefore is is essential to create a clear and consistent message to be shared across all channels.

This is especially important if your product is something that is in high demand with your consumers. Blocking or confusing your customers with an unclear offer to a service or product they already want gives the impression of poor customer relations. It is essential to keep the focal point on the product or service and not on the offer itself.

For many business, the offer is what seals the deal between them and their prospective clients. By keeping a sharp focus on what is being promoted, the intended channels and the target audience, the offers are able to attain maximum response and engagement.

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