A Management Consultant’s Easy Guide to Effective Branding


All marketing strategies revolve around the business’s brand. Any marketing or management consultant will tell you that all your business’s transactions and operations will be dictated by the way in which you want your brand to be understood and consumed by your target audience.

Once you’ve gotten your target audience hooked, you only need to maintain the customer-brand relationship to develop brand loyalty — one of the keys to business growth and success. That is why it is important to truly know your target audience and what makes them tick, both positively and negatively.  Remember that you are not only selling your products and/or services, but your business’s brand as well. How the market reacts to your branding will determine your business’s market share.

Here are the top things to consider in building your brand:

Marketing Strategy

Study how your marketing strategy stands against your competitors in the market and industry. Although it is definitely important to stand out, you also have to be wary of the technique you use to be noticed. Just because your brand is getting attention does not mean it is getting the right attention.

Develop a marketing strategy that protects your brand identity while differentiating it from others in the market.

Target Audience Identity

All businesses have to answer these 4 questions about their target audience when building their brands:

  • WHO is your brand’s target audience?
  • WHAT will drive them to develop brand loyalty with your business?
  • WHY should your target audience choose you and not your competition?
  • HOW will you sell your brand across all platforms?

The existence of your brand—and business—depends on the existence of customers. These are the people you build your brand around – the people you sell your brand to and have to keep satisfied.

Enhancing a set of effective and interactive customer service techniques not only affects your branding but also defines it.

Business Identity

Your management consultant will tell you that whatever decision you make for your business, you must also be loyal to your own business’s identity. The business identity identifies which procedures fit perfectly with the business goals and objectives.

Your business should embody its brand in all transactions to be able to effectively communicate it to the audience. Consistency is the key. This allows you to build a legacy that the audience and the market will remember for its great branding and effective customer service strategies.


Your approach to branding should articulate your business’s objectives and goals to your target audience. Basically, all you need is to know the identities of both your business and your target audience. As long as you know these two, you can develop a set of marketing strategies that will drive your brand to success and memorability.

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