The 4 Main Struggles of IT in Project Management


IT has undeniably changed the way that today’s business owners and managers take on project management initiatives. The impact is immense,  and it is clearly evident how strong the influence of IT is in the planning and execution phases of project management.

It assists in many ways such as making processes more standardised, data storage more organised and collaborations more efficient.

However, while various managed IT services are able to revolutionise project management, business owners and managers alike still struggle with some project management pain points. Examples of struggles that regularly hound individuals in the business sector are:

Hazy objectives

What is the primary objective of your project? Is it solely for profit? Perhaps you are looking at the possibility of promoting your brand as well?

Before starting any project management initiative, it is important to have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. Otherwise, the overall results of your project will become equally blurred, leading to a reduced likelihood of success in project management.

Misaligned expectations

In our previous blog, we established the importance of collaborative efforts in effective project management. Failing to collaborate with the individuals involved in your project is likely to result in unmet expectations. Alternatively, it could also lead to duplicated tasks and process discrepancies. In the long run, this lack of communication could affect the success of your project.

Poor communication

Often when people become overwhelmed by the scope or deadline of their project, they tend to hasten the pace of the assigned task. This can often result in necessary steps becoming overlooked. The impacts of such behaviour remains quite clear; poor communication leads to a multitude of project errors and half-baked outputs. Eventually, the time and resources needed to correct these errors will ultimately wreak havoc on your project’s schedule. Unfortunately, most people will not realise this until it’s too late.

Lack of input

Whilst teamwork is another important facet in effective project management, there is another factor that is equally important: feedback. While project managers have to oversee the work produced by each faculty, this does not guarantee they are experts in all aspects of the project. In order to make the execution of project tasks as seamless as possible, seeking the input of the other individuals involved in the project is necessary. Lack of useful and relevant input are likely to contribute to the downfall of the project.

Various managed IT services and virtual business coaching forums can turn your project management initiatives around, however that does not mean they can solve all of your project management hurdles. To effectively address all your unique project management concerns, you must consult experts about comprehensive and customised IT solutions.

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