Using Technology to Improve Productivity in Your Business


It's a lot easier to lead a team of 10 people in a start-up than it is to stay on top of a global business's workflow. Business owners simply don't have the time and energy to provide supervision over every project, especially on multiple levels.

So how can today’s boss ensure productivity in the workplace?

Standardising your system

Introducing more technology into your workflow can be intimidating at first, but the trade-offs of incorporating uniform systems are also very encouraging. Using business project software is your best bet for optimising your team’s workflow in management and execution.

Consider working on a number of projects and having team leaders draft their own version of proposals and status reports. While impressive displays of initiative in themselves, these documentation efforts can be a handful to decipher. The most basic benefits of using project tools include being able to standardise project formats and create templates for each one. By using the same system in the office, you can easily cut down on the amount of time it takes to customise each project’s task control. You’ll also be able to view project information in a uniform manner.

Improving online access to projects

This is especially crucial in improving the processes of a business operating across different locations, both locally and globally. Choosing the right productivity tools for your company depends largely on the size of the network you want it to support. You may want to provide both team leaders and clients access to project information at different points in its execution.

To sidestep delays caused by miscommunication, you can search for tools that feature real-time management of updates, storage and transfer of files, and accessibility for mobile devices.

Monitoring each project’s progress

Constant supervision might have been the management strategy of the previous decade, but it has no place in today’s business culture. Empowered workers who are passionate about their jobs are known to contribute more to a business’s productivity levels than those under bosses who micromanage. 

Once you have a functional system in place, it should already be easier to track the progress of your employees by viewing the project information you have at hand. This is why the most successful project management tools focus on increasing visibility instead of promoting one-way surveillance. Today’s technology offers ways for employees at every level to measure their performance against the business’s objectives, ensuring that the right standards will be met.

In the same way that technology facilitates better communication between social networks, your company could experience a smoother workflow using the right tools. Having an open and communicative environment in the office can definitely lead your business to efficiently achieve more of its goals this year.

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