Tips For A More Effective HR Department


Companies often look outward and focus on the external factors that might affect the success of their business. While most of your business’s successes depend on your interactions with your consumers, economic climate and government support, internal systems within your business are also crucial in creating a sustainable enterprise.

Your human resources department plays the role of recruiting, training, aligning and evaluating your employees. While they are responsible for payroll administration and government compliance for other requirements and regulations, a chunk of their role revolves around keeping the talent/resource pool competent to meet the demands of the business. From fresh talents to seasoned managers, every employee benefits from an effective HR department that lets them fit in and excel at their jobs.

Potent HR departments are support systems that motivate employees to exceed expectations. To help improve your HR departments, here are some business process improvement tips that they can follow.

Rethink your hiring process

Why fix what isn’t broken? Because your company could do -- and for the sake of competing with other businesses, needs to do -- better. Your hiring process defines the knowledge pool your business brings in and cultivates. Instead of using the same old recruitment process, try to change up how you look for new recruits by:

  • Hiring for cultural fit

  • Using different channels to recruit employees

  • Looking for genuinely talented people and not just experienced people

  • Veering away from traditional interviews and evaluation tests

Plan how the careers of the employees might pan out

People won’t stay in your company if your HR department itself doesn’t know how your employees will progress and grow during their tenure in your business. The HR department should be knowledgeable about your employees, as well as their motivations, aspirations and roles within your company.

Embrace automation

Take advantage of the tools and apps developed specifically for HR departments. There are many IT systems that can be used in:

  • Managing employee data;

  • Automating attendance logs and schedules;

  • Computing payroll, taxes and benefits; and

  • Generating business-wide calendars, schedules, and tasks

Big or small, every business can benefit from the sophisticated technologies available in today’s digitally-driven society. Test out what might work out for your business and make your HR department more efficient and effective in their job.

Scrutinise your own performance metrics and evaluation

The HR department, along with managers and the employees, should look into the internal processes and performance metrics that govern how employees are evaluated. Instead of just following previous templates that might no longer be suitable to your business, why not design a system that takes into account your industry, the expectations of your upper management/stakeholders, the technologies that can help your employees, etc.?

Be proactive

Instead of reacting to urgency and emerging needs, the HR department should proactively research and develop systems that are relevant with their role in the company. Instead of applying patchwork and temporary solutions to internal issues and employee concerns, develop your HR department in such a way that they have structured approach on resolving conflicts, addressing problems and ensuring continuity inside the business.

Changing from the inside may be tedious and challenging but it bears fruit in the long term. Improving your HR department is a great way to create a domino effect of change within your company.


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