The Essentials In Hiring Millennials

The_Essentials_In_Hiring_MillennialsMuch has been said about millennials in the workplace setting. While some see millennials as infantile, conceited and high-maintenance, others see value in their latent flexibility, ambition and tech proficiency.

Regardless of what you think about millennials, it doesn’t change the fact that they are slowly taking over the workforce. According to statistics, they’ll make up about 75% of the global workforce by 2025. As such, human resource managers looking to sustain a healthy pool of employees and roleplayers within their companies will need to know how to recruit millennials. Check out our insights below and learn the essentials in hiring millennials.

Use social media

In essence, hiring is a process that markets your company to potential candidates in order to engage them and let them know that your company has job vacancies. Reach out to your target audience through channels that they constantly use. For millennials, social media is a crucial tool in communicating and interacting with their network and brands. If your brand does not have a strong social media presence, you might be seen as an antiquated company that can’t embrace innovation and change.

Aside from being great channels for posting job vacancies in, a company’s social media account can reflect its ideals, characteristics, goals and brand personality. Through it, your candidates will get an idea of what to expect from the company without even stepping foot in your company office.

Show that your company appreciates collaboration

Millennials are great at seamless collaboration and teamwork. Let them know about your project management system and how it allows them to contribute to the greater good of the project. Emphasise the importance of flexibility and working within team settings in your job posts and interviews.

Highlight your company’s openness and flexibility

For millennials, a company culture that allows employees to speak their minds and grants some extent of liberty is ideal. Millennials often see strict rules and formal hierarchies as obsolete limitations in a world where companies need to constantly seek out the best solutions at the fastest possible turnaround time. While changing your company culture overnight is impossible, note that edgy startups and established successful companies alike all over the world are starting to defy traditions and are developing more relaxed internal company cultures.

Allowing flexible working hours takes advantage of millennials’ focus on finishing tasks rather than logging in consistent and regular hours. Their concept of productivity hinges on work delivery and quality rather than time and appearance in the office. If your company can’t accommodate that kind of work situation, let them know about your stringent timekeeping measures in order for them to know your expectations beforehand.

Let them know that they have crucial responsibilities

Millennials are known for their lofty ideals and vain tendencies; If they don’t feel like they’re making a difference or doing something they love, they won’t be passionate about their work. Appeal to them by letting them know that, should they be hired, they’re going to be playing crucial roles in your company. Show the big picture and how they’re not just cogs in the wheels but crucial drivers for the business. Let them help in tasks that are completely over their head just to know their capacities and teach them lessons about your industry.

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