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An expanding business will always have room for more helping hands, and that means hiring new employees to help you manage the company as it grows. Smart employers know that simply relying on a candidate’s resume and interview will not be enough to guarantee a successful hire. To ensure that you will only get the most qualified employees for the position, you need to use additional recruiting and screening methods.


Here are the steps you should follow to get the cream of the crop in a pool of aspiring candidates:

  1. Identify Job Specifications with Human Resources personnel

Schedule a planning meeting with Human Resources recruitment and hiring associates to formulate the overall recruitment strategy for your business. In this meeting, you must determine the need for new hires, as well as compose clear job specifications and descriptions that will justify the need for particular job positions. Other people who also supervise subordinates (such as managers) may also be invited, since they have had hands-on experience in completing the tasks and may have recommendations on the necessary skill sets for potential hires. From this, you can create a list of qualities, experiences, education and characteristics which are ranked according to priority that your potential candidates must possess. 

  1. Determine Where to Advertise Job Postings

Next, you must discuss with your hiring team the best avenues to advertise your available job positions. Your advertisement must include the official job description, skill expectations, required documents and a brief yet concise description of your company (address, type of industry, contact information, etc.). Classified ads in newspapers were once the top pick, but there are now online job portals where the candidates can upload their resume for your recruiter to screen immediately.

  1. Build Criteria and Assign Topics to Interviewers

Decide on who will interview the candidates and divide them according to relevant areas for qualifications: work aptitude, physical and mental health, personal attributes and the like. Plan the flow of the topics and questions for each interview and include the follow-up process. Appointing the right interviewer will depend on which quality or skills of that candidate the interviewer must focus on evaluating; ideally, the interviewer must have a working knowledge on the interview questions. Finally, the hiring team must agree on how these criteria will add up to give an overview on a candidate’s qualities and skills.

  1. Test your Candidates

Aside from personal assessment done by the interviewers themselves, you can also widen your basis for hiring candidates by conducting examinations that will exhibit their abilities. For instance, you can effectively assess your candidate’s problem-solving capacity if you revolve some of your questions around work scenarios. Have these tests require a defined output from your candidates that can help you evaluate the capabilities of that person when it comes to accomplishing the tasks pertinent to the job.

  1. Conducting a Post-Interview Assessment

Devise an efficient way to process the interviews by having a post-interview assessment meeting. Prepare a checklist of questions and traits outlining your priorities for each position, and have the interviewers discuss their comments on the performance of the applicants. This is where summarised information of the candidates compiled by the interviewers can give you a clearer picture of each applicant’s worth. This way, you can also prevent the mistake of hiring a candidate who performed excellently in the interview but would later turn out to be a failure in fulfilling required tasks.

A thoroughly planned recruitment and selection process will lead you to candidates capable of meeting your job expectations. Having a highly skilled work force will also benefit your business in the long run, since dependable employees who make the cut are the ones who can really help your business grow. Implementing innovative strategies like these with the help of top-notch management services will enable you to focus on what really matters for your business.

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