Must-have qualities of top-notch IT experts


Forget the hardware and software for a minute - the IT department is only as good as the people within it. Your IT team supports all other aspects of your business by providing resources and technologies that help improve efficiency and effectiveness. Without them, your cutting-edge system means nothing.

As a crucial pillar that supports business process improvement, your IT experts should have remarkable abilities and qualities that give your business the competitive edge it needs to surpass the competition. When hiring for employees in the IT department, keep in mind these qualities and characteristics that separate the fluff from the top-notch candidates.


Demonstrates experience and knowledge

Education and training mean nothing if a candidate does not have a track record and working experience from another company. Seek candidates who have working knowledge and the capacity to provide support and solve problems. To prove their ability, they should withstand off-the-cuff demonstrations and practical tests. From the basics of coding to IT infrastructure management, your IT experts should have the working capacity needed for the job.


Is interested in your industry

A genuine passion to learn and understand your industry is a must for candidates. Scrutinise their knowledge and interest in your field. Find out how they think they can fulfill their role and ask them what they think your company needs in terms of IT in order to succeed. Remember that you’re looking for candidates that you can retain and count on, not some replaceable temp with IT experience. Gauge their interest to find out if they have the interest and curiosity for the field.


Has good interpersonal communication skills

Your IT department’s role is to provide tech support and ensure that other pillars of your business benefit from technology. Therefore, your IT experts should be team players. They need to have the necessary interpersonal communication skills in order to communicate properly and work efficiently with your other employees. They need to have a sense of urgency and should be sensitive to the needs of their teammates. Power your growth by hiring IT experts who know how to play their role and see the bigger picture.


Evolves to suit your business’ needs

Complacency will be the death of your IT system. Keep up-to-date by employing IT experts who thrive on innovation and constant growth. Your experts should be at the forefront of new software, gadgets and technologies that are relevant to your business. They should understand your needs and adapt in order to better support other aspects of your business. 


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