Keeping Focus: How To Avoid Being Too Entangled In Your Business

Keeping_Focus_How_To_Avoid_Being_Too_Entangled_In_Your_Business.jpgIt’s a saying we’ve heard a lot: “Work during work, and don’t let it interfere with your personal affairs.” It’s sound advice - but it’s something difficult to get into, given with how easy it is to micromanage affairs at work. Keeping a healthy distance away from your business isn’t only efficient, but extremely helpful in keeping your activities well-rounded and your stress low.

So where do you start? Here are five things you need to remember in order to keep your sanity - and your business - intact.

Accept that life happens

While your business may be something that most of your time and effort will be devoted to, it’s important to remember that it isn’t your life. There are situations that may arise that are totally separate from your job and vice-versa: and it’s important to realise the difference and that your life must come first - business can wait.

Sometimes goals are only a guide

It’s easy to think of goals as the be-all end-all of your business, but that kind of thinking can do more harm than good. Be comfortable with the idea of failure and plan your business strategies accordingly. Goals do not always need to be fulfilled but can serve as excellent markers on your path towards success.

It’s not always about improvement

Many business owners are under the assumption that each operation must always lead to something greater or different - but it is consistency, not novelty, that can always guarantee achieving your business goals. Providing what your customers want and being consistent with that quality and standard is a worthy business goal that can still be achieved without straining your abilities, time and resources.

Get others involved

If there’s one thing that business and life have in common, it’s that going at it alone is difficult. Don’t hesitate to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your common goals and interests inside and out of business. It’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with your business partners. Knowing the line between professionalism and friendship with them can smooth over and improve your relationship in both areas.

Knowing what “busy” means

“Busy” doesn’t necessarily mean “doing something” - it’s easy to seem occupied while actually not doing anything at all. Know your processes and routine in both life and at your work and identify what exactly you are doing that affects your productivity, not just to give yourself something to do. Time spent doing unnecessary work is the same as time wasted not doing work at all - so it’s important to unclog your time and effort with redundant or unnecessary actions.

Those are five areas of action that you can always remember when trying to balance out work and play. There’s no need to get overwhelmed, if you know how to gauge your priorities and give yourself a break every now and then - you’ll be much better off for it!

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