5 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance for Employees


The numbers are out! According to the figures released from a recent Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) study, 14% of employees in Australia work very long hours, going beyond the average set by the OECD. In some respects this research is a cause for alarm, however there are ways to improve and promote efficiency within the workplace before completely burning the candle at both ends. Take a look at the following helpful tips for improving work-life balance programs in the workplace:

  1. Promote efficiency in the workplace

    Working long hours does not necessarily make employees more productive; quite the opposite in fact. When employees render long hours at work, their productivity wanes. They also become more irritable while the quality of their work goes down. Instead of watching them burn out, why not encourage them to be more efficient by learning new ways to speed up the pace of their tasks? This will not only cut the time spent at work, it will also give them more opportunities to enjoy recreational activities.

  2. Make the office setting more comfortable

    How does your office look? Is it suitable to your business operations? Take some time to consider this. Remember, it is important for your employees to have a comfortable office setting. When workers are more relaxed and at ease with their environment, it increases their productivity and efficiency. It will also keep their stress levels at a minimum, paving the way for a better quality of life.

  3. Get suggestions from your workers

    To say that work-life balance is a must for employees is an understatement. Still, the question remains; what form of recreation will your employees appreciate most? It’s easy to assume and make plans without getting feedback from your employees. However, by doing so you could defeat the sole purpose of your programs. Instead of making plans on the fly, try to discover what your employees want and need. From there, create a perfect balance between their requirements and what your company can offer them.

  4. Improve health and wellness benefits

    Health and wellness concerns are two items you need to tick off your list in order to give your employees a balanced work-life balance. Do a little bit of research into health and benefits packages offered by other companies. These initiatives will go a long way and may give you a better perspective on how to improve your processes.

  5. Be a role model

    One of the main focuses for human resource development in relation to work-life balance is employees. This time, why not include yourself in the priority list? Embrace work-life balance initiatives and foster genuine appreciation for recreational activities. In the long run, this will help your employees understand that the company truly values work-life balance. Consequently, they won't think twice about enjoying a balanced life.

Finding the ideal balance between work and play is a great challenge that business owners like yourself need to take head-on. However, this doesn't mean you can’t get online human resource management techniques from the experts.

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