Does Your Company Follow The 10 National Employment Standards?

It can be fairly argued that Australia has some of the most comprehensive labour laws in the world. Going through revisions over the years and considering the influx of investors and outside workers, tourism and trends in the industry, Australia has taken continued steps to improve the working conditions of its employees.

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3 Psychological Reasons Why Job Design Helps Employee Growth

Job design is most commonly defined as the development and growth of the relationship between an employee and the job they are assigned to. Primarily concerned with the field of human resource management, it takes into account how skillset, personal motive, autonomy and creative freedom creates productive employees.

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What Is Workforce Planning?

The best way to reach a goal is by having a plan. Businesses in particular require stronger and well prepared plans more than anyone else.

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3 Little-Known Reasons For Employee Absenteeism (and what you can do to prevent them)

Employee absenteeism is a serious issue for most companies, however it can be handled well by employers if they are given enough information to work with. There can be a number of reasons why absenteeism occurs; sickness, accidents, really anything that can impede an employee going to work.

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6 Benefits You Can Offer To Keep Your Employees Happy

In today’s competitive industry, claiming talent is half the battle. A large part of a company’s policy also revolves around keeping them in the company. A low turnover rate looks good on any business ROI, soothes any investor jitters you may have, and gives your company a good reputation among hiring circles.

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How To Use Performance Management To Consistently Hit Business Goals

The goal of performance management is simple: find a way to get your employees to perform at their maximum capacity, set standards that they should follow, and reward them based on their efforts. It’s a system that allows the best employees to thrive while simultaneously assisting those who have trouble keeping up. Read More

5 Tips For Picking The Right Employees

Staffing your company can be a grueling challenge. The people working for your business are the lifeblood, which means picking the right ones will be crucial to the future of your company.

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How NOT to lose employees: Insights on employee retention

In competitive job markets, retaining high quality talents and employees can be problematic. Aside from the existence of countless other growth opportunities, issues with the management, personal reasons, job fit and other issues can plague your employees and cause them to rethink their career within your company.

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The significance of company culture

From strategic boardroom meetings to idle wish lists of job seekers all over the world, company culture is fast becoming an infectious buzzword that needs to be addressed and managed by businesses.

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The Essentials In Hiring Millennials

Much has been said about millennials in the workplace setting. While some see millennials as infantile, conceited and high-maintenance, others see value in their latent flexibility, ambition and tech proficiency.
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